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Michele's Best Health and Home: Located in Greenfield, Wisconsin
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My Shaklee Story


When my father was diagnosed with lung cancer we needed to fing a non-toxic laundry solution.  I remembered that Shaklee had laundry products and started looking for a Distributor.  Several years later, a friend started Distributing Shaklee again and I started purchasing from her.  Over the next 2 years I switched all my cleaning products and supplements to Shaklee.  After reintroducing Shaklee into our lives, I discovered that they are still the best products on the market and realized how well Shaklee products work for us.

I then became a Distributor solely to make these wonderful products available to others. 

We are here for you.  We are your Shaklee partners.  Enjoy better Health and Home with us!

We are just an email away:   mmbrunlinger@live.com

Call or text:  1-414-807-1503

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